Pre-Order “A Tribute to Adam Hughes” BEFORE Comic Con 2012

Hello everyone!

So very sorry to all that can not be at Comic Con this year! I really hope you do attend at least one of San Diego’s Comic Con’s in your life-time, they are awesome, and I look forward to it every year!

I have an “exclusive” print that was made for SDCC only, it’s limited edition to 100- 12×18 matte.

I am giving you the chance to snag one up the day before I leave for SDCC.

I will be selling these prints at SDCC for $10, you can Pre-Order one here for $15 via Paypal or major credit cards (includes shipping)

Orders MUST be placed before Wednesday July 11th, 2012 12pm PST to qualify as a pre-order and snag that price!

Any that is left over and not sold at SDCC this year will go in my store, for $25. (along with many other prints I’ve been dying to put up there!)

Orders will ship out on Tuesday July 17th, when I return home from San Diego Comic Con.

(please double check your shipping address and message me here or on twitter if you would like it signed)

Any questions, please feel free to post them here on my blog, it’s hard to keep up with Twitter and Facebook and emails!

You can post a reply with your initials and location and I will know who you are :-)

Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy!


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Purr-fect Casting! Sioux Sinner To Sizzle As Catwoman

This is a cut and paste of a recent press release of my new role as Cat Woman for Justice League 3DX! (Yes, I know Cat Woman isn’t in the JL, so what?) I am so excited and thrilled to not only be a part of this awesome movie, working with this amazing company and stunning cast, and HOLY FUCKING BATMAN, I AM CAT WOMAN! Sorry, very excited, can you tell?

I made a mini promo clip to show my excitement for the role. This was not for the movie, this is not my costume, and I don’t think any of this happens in the movie haha, “meaning” it’s not a trailer. But, I am happy with it, I hope you enjoy it as well!

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Fuck you, Cancer.

I don’t know how many people follow my Twitter ramblings or Facebook posts, but in late Sept of last year I was feeling rather shitty. I had been off my medication for my GH deficiency for a bit (mostly because of insurance and cost reasons) but thankfully, I decided to find out if that was the only reason I was feeling really bad.

During my routine doctor check-ups, I found out that I had stage 4 cervical cancer and stage 2 uterine cancer (a tumor had grown between my cervix and uterus) and it was hard to get a good enough biopsy because of the placement. Continue reading

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